Coalescence Coalescence™ is a patented, GRAS-approved new product that adsorbs toxins and helps pets with diarrhoea and digestive discomfort in as little as 24-48 hrs.

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It contains an adsorbent to coat the gastrointestinal membranes promoting a firm stool. Coalescence™ also adsorbs and promotes the excretion of toxins within the gastrointestinal tract in an easy to use convenient applicator for veterinarians and pet owners!


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consigli trading Unique Properties:
Non-swelling substrate clinically designed to adsorb the maximum toxins and help reduce the negative effect of inflammatory cells.


Safe for use in puppies, kittens, adult and older pets Application:
Easy to use syringe application (15 ml paste)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s-dating
3.5 ml twice a day for 2 days
2 ml twice a day for 2 days, (Kittens 1 ml )


Clinical & Regulatory Approvals
GRAS approval, FDA, WHO and AAFCO approved food and feed additive. Listed in U.S. Pharmacopeia and WHO JEFCA Formulary. ACVM and APVMA approval not required. For more information call 1300 781 244



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